Zone Of Exclusion

They say that the most brief way between two focuses is a straight line. However, what happens if that way gets blocked? At the point when dregs obstructs the stream of a waterway, it diverts… zigging and zagging as opposed to following a straight course.

What looks to the crow like winding, is to the water the most effective course from source to outlet. Nature finds a bypass.

At the point when two focuses are bound to contact yet an immediate association is unthinkable... the universe will dependably discover another way.


In the event that two focuses are bound to contact… the universe will dependably figure out how to make the association.

Notwithstanding when all expectation appears to be lost… certain ties can’t be broken. They characterize our identity. What’s more, who we can move toward becoming.

Crosswise over space… crosswise over time… along ways we can’t foresee… nature dependably finds a way.




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