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NEWS might be basically alluded as: “Recently gotten or paramount data” News is the correspondence of chose data on present occasions.

Lockdown 2.0

Lockdown 2.0 is well and genuinely upon us, however here at The Yorkshire Mafia (virtual) HQ, we’re resolved to keep sharing positive news and supportive online journals to keep spirits high and our locale solid during these alarming occasions. Likewise in: the most recent portion in our Tech Lockdown Stories. We found Gunnar Menzel, CTIO at Capgemini Europe about his… Read more →

The Ultimate Brain Computer Interfaces (BCIs)

I’ve just spent some time reading the research into BCIs and I recommend that the reader has a skim through “Exploring 16000 Frontiers in Neuroscience Articles”. A brain–computer interface (BCI), sometimes called a neural-control interface (NCI), mind-machine interface (MMI), direct neural interface (DNI), or brain–machine interface (BMI), is a direct communication pathway between an enhanced or wired brain and another… Read more →

Pause for Thought: Ethical Issues in Artificial Intelligence

Consider Cambridge Analytica – the British consulting firm which allegedly carried out psychometric profiling of US audiences to enable targeted distribution of material to voters. Simply by creating a Facebook app that was downloaded by about 300k users, it gathered information about around 87 million people (friends and connections of the people who installed the app). The power of simple… Read more → si black marketing-ul

salut 🙂 experienta mea cu domeniul 🙂 sunt foarte multe domenii .ro care au fost inregistrate pe emailuri ce au expirat. Multe s-au revandut pe black market si daca erai putin interesat pe Dark net, gaseai preturi astronomice pentru domeniile simple / usor de retinut sau care pot aduce ‘beneficii’ astronomice. / / / in special… Read more →

The Difference between Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence

RPA is a product robot that copies human activities, though AI is the re-enactment of human intelligence by machines. Numerous individuals frequently got some information about the contrast between Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Some even confounded the two to be the equivalent. To exacerbate the situation, numerous merchants are presently brandying about terms like Intelligent Automation… Read more →

High hardness in the biocompatible intermetallic compound β-Ti3Au

O echipă de oameni de știință de la Universitatea Rice din Houston, condusă de Emilia Morosan, a creat un material foarte rezistent, prin topirea și alăturarea titanului și aurului.  Aliajul este cea mai dură substanță metalică compatibilă cu țesuturile vii, potrivit cercetătorilor. Cu alte cuvinte, este de patru ori mai rezistent decât titanul pur și ar putea fi folosit pentru… Read more →

Luam angajatul ION si îi oferim un salariu brut de 2500 de RON lunar. Suna excelent?

  ION a primit 2500 de RON brut, dar a platit catre bugetele de stat 737 RON (Somaj 0.5%, CAS 10.5%, CASS 5.55%, Impozit 16%), cu alte cuvinte ION a primit un salariu NET (“in mana”) de 1763 RON (Sursa informatiei – sau orice fluturas de salariu din Romania). Valoarea procentuala a impozitelor platite de catre romanul ION catre… Read more →

watch for gentlemen

Because most of you, don’t know what to choose when is about men watches, I’ll present on this post, most of actual (check the date) beautiful watches for me. as you already know, I’m bit of fantasy and I spend money of a lot of watches for gifts or for me as well. at the moment I have one of… Read more →

50 de lucruri uimitoare despre corpul uman

1. Cand o persoana moare auzul este ultimul simt perceput. Vazul este primul care dispare.2. Celulele care compun creierul uman pot absorbi de pana la 5 ori mai multa informatie decat cuprinde toata Enciclopedia Britanica.3. Corpul omenesc elibereaza in 30 de minute destula energie cat sa incalzesti un litru de apa. 4. Cea mai mare celula a corpului este ovulul,… Read more →