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Because most of you, don’t know what to choose when is about men watches, I’ll present on this post, most of actual (check the date) beautiful watches for me.

as you already know, I’m bit of fantasy and I spend money of a lot of watches for gifts or for me as well.

at the moment I have one of the beautiful classic watch carry on day by day.

The brand it is so old, even most of the people don’t ever hear about it. ELGIN.

But, because this post is not about me, let’s move on.

  • The first wach what I was impressive it is URWERK. I agree, it is very expensive. URWERK is an award-winning watch brand based in Geneva, Switzerland, known for its avant-garde designs and new indications and complications.


R-103: The UR-103 components URWERK’s spinning satellites inconvenience, with four domed satellites facilitating three hour numbers each. On the back of the case is a control load up with capacities: force hold marker, 15-moment and 60-second dials for exact time setting and fine alteration screw. ”


UR-110:The UR-110 showcases time on the right half of the watch so the time is effectively obvious under a sleeve. The pivoting hour satellites satellite intricacy and mounted on planetary riggings and take after a vertical line reviewed from 0 to 60 minutes in a descending movement. Different elements incorporate “Day/Night” and “Oil Change” markers and also little seconds. On the back, the programmed winding framework is managed by double air turbines.


UR-202/203: The UR-202/203 utilizes the URWERK mark satellite entanglement. This time telescopic moment hands, working through three circling and rotating hour satellites, change their length to take after the three vectors (0-14, 15-44, 45-60) flagging minutes. The back of the UR-202 elements a winding framework directed by packing air utilizing scaled down turbines. The UR-202 is accessible in red gold, white gold, dark PE-CVD platinum and ALTiN. The instance of the UR-202 Édition Spéciale highlights a craftsmanship deco imprinting by Jean-Vincent Huguenin while the UR-202S, in steel or ALTiN, highlights a metal strap.

UR-210 AlTiN

UR-210:The UR-210 elements the world’s first ‘winding effectiveness indicator,[3] which shows twisting productivity throughout the most recent two hours so that the wearer knows whether they are including or subtracting vitality from the programmed winding mechanical development. On the back is a winding proficiency selector switch that empowers the client to modify the twisting effectiveness of the twisting system by modifying the measure of pressure in the small air turbines.

UR-1001 Zeit Device

UR-1001: The UR-1001 Zeit Device was URWERK’s first pocket watch and elements 10 difficulties and signs: Satellite hours, retrograde minutes, day/night marker, running seconds, force hold pointer, rotating satellite schedule showing months on the dial side in addition to date, oil change marker, 100-year pointer and 1000-year marker on the showcase back. The AlTiN UR-1001 Zeit Device is a restricted release of eight pieces in AlTiN-treated steel with titanium components.


LAB: The LAB accumulation incorporates the UR-CC1, highlighting yellow hopping hours and retrograde minutes on a dark anthracite foundation at 6 o’clock. The hours and minutes move directly and in parallel from left to right. Seconds are shown at 12 o’clock through a pivoting plate that gives both a computerized and a direct show. Noticeable through a window as an afterthought of the case is the pneumatic stun engrossing Rotor Fly Brake programmed winding framework, which minimizes rotor and component wear and harm from stun and compelling movements.T2007 Launch of their freshest watch display “201” at Geneva Fairs. Time on the “201” is shown by utilizing telescopic moment hands working through the center of three circling and rotating hour satellites. The telescopic moment hands definitely modify their length to take after the three vectors denoting the minutes: 0–14, 15–44, 45–60. Developed, they empower the 201 to show the time over a huge, simple to-peruse dial. Withdrawn, they consider an exceptionally wearable estimated case, along these lines furnishing the wearer with both abilities.



  • The second watch to present is MB&F. I know is a new brand on market, but I really want to show this videos.

after I seen HM6 Space or  Horological Machine No. 4 (HM4) I zipped my mouth 😛


  • The third Brand of watches what I want to present is HYT watches


as you can understand HYT is a Watch Brand advancing in the upper extravagance business sector making selective cross breed mechanical timepieces for watch epicureans.


  • another brand wich is not release yet, I found it in Geneva as Prototype from 2009. AK Geneve’s. In the next video is HMS Automatic Warp.

  •  Hublot La Clé Du Temps Watch

As opposed to the vintage-propelled watches like the MB&F above and others underneath, the Hublot La Clé Du Temps Watch adjusts the more advanced side of this rundown. From its shading plan to its outline reasoning, the La Clé Du Temps Watch resembles a watch without bounds, however is available today. The name La Clé Du Temps means “the key of time” in English, speaking to this current watch’s special usefulness. It includes a framework to “stop time”, as the watch will stop on a dime at the press of a catch. It doesn’t really stop your general surroundings, however its purpose is to permit its wearer to delay life and think about its passing. When the catch is discouraged, the watch springs forward so as to the present minute.


  • Pininfarina Bovet Ottana Tourbillon Watch

The relationship between hand-made watches and extravagance autos is very close, particularly on account of the Pininfarina Bovet Ottana Tourbillon Watch. This watch was given its styling from Pininfarina, an extravagance auto outline firm who has outlined vehicles for Mercedes, Ferrari, Maserati, Rolls-Royce and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Their work with Bovet mirrors the intricate, accuracy designing that is needed for extravagance autos, yet similarly fitting for timepieces. This pocket watch is amongst the world’s most dynamic in its class, a minute machine that stuns its wearer by sheer inconvenience.

  • Bugatti Super Sport by Parmigiani

No doubt, that Bugatti. The same organization that creates a percentage of the world’s quickest, most costly creation cars has attempted their hand in watchmaking. The Bugatti Super Sport by Parmigiani is a perfect sidearm for the Bugatti proprietor, and conveys a sticker just the Bugatti proprietor can bear. It may not surpass 267mph like its auto namesake, but rather it will even now cost you $259,000 for one you could call your own. Wow.

  • Knot 0hundred Watch

The consequence of another combination of car and horological outline, the Knot 0hundred Watch is a wild, modern bounce hour watch based upon complex hardware. The cerebrum offspring of configuration team of Nicholas DiLoreto and Kort Neumann, the 0-Hundred watch is without a moment’s delay smooth and straightforward, contemporary and muddled. Its external dial shows the hour, its internal dial shows the moment, and the focal hour shows the second. Every number moves through a space on the left that demonstrates the careful time of day. Wearing a watch like this isn’t only for timekeeping, it is an announcement in configuration and style that couple of watches can contend with.

You cannot find any youtube video for this.

  • HD3 Complication Black Pearl Watch

The HD3 Complication Black Pearl Watch has a craving for wearing an opening machine on your wrist. The hours tick by on a tumbler to your left side, while minutes are considered the focal dial on top. It’s not the time components that make this watch so staggering, its the mind boggling hardware inside. This watch is fueled by a gravity-resisting bi-pivotal tourbillon, turning in the base middle of the showcase case on top. The watch is roused by the privateer period, including a blood-and-dark shading plan and a dapper roger inset on its side. Several moving parts make up one whale of a watch, an uncommon bit of wrist adornments you’re prone to never see twice.

  • Geocentric Watch By Geoffrey Cooper

Three concentric cirlces make up the Geocentric Watch By Geoffrey Cooper, a shocking cutting edge timepiece that resembles couple of others, if any. Inside of the external circle, two concentric circles twist to show the moment and second inside a 12-hour marker on the external edge. Its white, polyurethane band makes up that show’s edge, proceeding around the wrist and bolting on the inverse side. Its apparatus is uncovered in the presentation, showcasing turning parts that drive the hands that tell the time in an interesting manner.

  • Devon Works Tread 1 Watch

The Devon Works Tread 1 Watch is ostensibly the most bleeding edge amongst this whole gathering, a timepiece of striking visuals and innovation. The Tread 1 Watch highlights four inside 2-micron slight belts that turn inside of the case to show the time. It’s fueled by a lithium polymer rechargeable cell that is charged by remote incitement. This electric framework runs the belts that are kept tuned in to an optical innovation. Include that all up, and you have a standout amongst the most actually progressed, outwardly shocking watches ever constructed. The Devon Works Tread 1 Watch was outlined by a California aviation organization, a gathering that is truly OK with fitting square pegs through round openings. This watch is a prime sample of their specialized ability.


and after you seen all of this, please don’t buy Apple WATCH. it is most expensive things what I ever seen and I expect, YOU should understand not every expensive thing is worthed.

that’s all fox.

happy bid or fishing 🙂




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