Music Of The Spheres

The chromatic scale comprises of 12 tones. Orchestrated in time and arrangement, these 12 straightforward tones make a limitless assortment of music. Congruity and cacophony, strain and determination. All can be portrayed by the numerical proportions between tones.

In the event that we could make an interpretation of all proportions into sound, we could hear the Music of the Spheres; a sound as tremendous, as intense as the universe itself, as calm as a solitary stone.

As boggling of the human heart.

For a few, music raises the soul to a position of otherworldly magnificence.

Others just hear the magnificence in numbers themselves.


The Earth, as it turns, discharges a recurrence, a melodic note, at 7.83 hertz. Be that as it may, this recurrence adjusts somewhat for reasons up ’til now indeterminate. Some propose sun based flares as the reason, or electrical unsettling influence in the air.

Be that as it may, perhaps there’s a more straightforward clarification. Perhaps the sound of the planet is impacted by the seven billion spirits humming around it, each delivering their own particular music, including their own concordance.


pentru tine dragul meu Happillionaire Filip Stanciu.



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