Maybe it’s coincidence

Numbers are steady. Until the point when they’re most certainly not. Our powerlessness to impact result is the considerable equalizer. Makes the world reasonable.

Computers produce irregular numbers trying to gather significance out of likelihood. Perpetual numerical groupings, without any example. Amid calamitous worldwide occasions… tidal wave, seismic tremor, the assaults on 9/11… these irregular numbers all of a sudden quit being arbitrary. As our aggregate awareness synchronizes, so do the numbers.

Science can’t clarify the wonder, yet religion does. It’s called petition.

An aggregate demand, sent up as one. A common expectation.

Numbers are steady, until the point that they’re definitely not.


Amid disastrous worldwide occasions, our aggregate cognizance synchronizes. So do the numeric successions made by arbitrary number generators. Science can’t clarify the marvel, yet religion does. It’s called petition. An aggregate demand sent up as one, a common expectation, fear eased, an existence saved. Numbers are consistent… until the point that they’re most certainly not.

During disaster… times of aggregate satisfaction, in these concise minutes, it is just the mutual enthusiastic experience that influences the world to appear to be less arbitrary.

Possibly it’s fortuitous event.

What’s more, perhaps it’s the solution to our supplications.



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