I cried out all my tears…

Listening to this version of this children’s song is inconceivably excruciating. I generally cherished the melody, yet now it holds clashing essences for me. I as of late uncovered that my cousin used to sing this to his most youthful girl to relieve or solace her, or put her to bunk. It was THEIR tune… and afterward he executed himself, when she was just 3 (he deserted 3 girls, the eldest who is currently 17, the center 15, and the child, 7), and now everything I can think is that for whatever is left of their lives, when they hear this tune, they will recollect their daddy, and that he isn’t here any more. :-/


supuneai candva ca le pot duce… pe toate…oare… cat mai pot sa duc…?



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