Google+ Keeps Getting More Awesome

Image: Google

Alright, look, I was a Google+ hater from the woozy up. I was (and remain) suspicious that the planet needs yet an alternate general investment informal community. Anyhow Google+ has sort of charmed me. Why? Pictures. It’s doing stunning things with photography. Not just will it store every one of them, make them insane searchable, and even pick your absolute best chances, yet it likewise immediately enhances them by doing things like adjusting color, and even makes them into Gifs. It calls this stuff Auto-Awesome, and, no joke, it verifiably is.

Today Google recently took off a few new characteristics to Auto-Awesome called Twinkle and Snow. Twinkle immediately includes twinkling, flashing lights to your portraits of sparkling things. It’s like a less-shabby, completely mechanized form of Blingee. And after that there’s Snow, which adds falling snow to your portraits of winter wonderlands.

I adore this sort of thing — utilizing Google’s astounding computational power to appeal and joy.



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