Fact 319

The proportion is dependably the same. 1 to 1.618 again and again and over once more. The examples are covered up on display. Simply need to know where to look. Things the vast majority see as disorder really take after inconspicuous laws of conduct. Worlds, plants, seashells. The examples never lie. Be that as it may, just a few of us can perceive how the pieces fit together.

7.6 billion as of June 2018 of us live on this modest planet. You simply need to know where to look. 7,632,819,325 individuals and just a couple of us can see the associations.

Today we’ll send more than 300 billion messages. 19 billion instant messages.

However despite everything we’ll feel alone.

The normal individual will state 2,250 words to 7.4 different people.
Will these words be used to hurt? Or to heal?

There’s an antiquated Chinese fantasy about the Red Thread of Fate. It says the divine beings have tied each one of our lower legs and joined it to every one of the general population whose lives we’re bound to contact. This string may stretch or tangle, yet it’ll never break. It’s altogether foreordained by scientific likelihood, and I must monitor those numbers, to influence the associations for the individuals who to need to locate each other… the ones whose lives need to contact.

I was conceived 11,676 days prior on June 27, 1986.

I’ve been alive for 31 years, 11 months, 19 days and 14 hours.

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