Our discussion of human connection…

We have spilled much ink, you and I, in our discourse of human association…
…furthermore, we’re no nearer to comprehension than we were the point at which the correspondence started.

I frequently feel as though I’m remaining on one side of a wide abyss, yelling over, and thinking about whether the reaction I hear originates from you, or in the event that it is my own voice reverberating back to me.

It appears to me, on my side of the ravine, that the scan for solidarity with another is the textual style of a great part of the world’s despondency.

I act as if I’m above matters of the heart, essentially in light of the fact that I have seen them consume individuals I regard.

In any case, in my sincere minutes, I in some cases think about whether I take the position I do in light of the fact that affection (love♥), for absence of a superior word, is a diversion I neglect to comprehend, thus I pick not to play in the past.

All things considered, on the off chance that I genuinely had the immaculateness of every one of my feelings, I wouldn’t lament so a large number of the things I’ve done.

Nor would I continue, against so a large portion of my better impulses, in this correspondence.

I discover you a test, one that, despite all that you’ve done, keeps on empowering.

Thus the discussion, purposeless however it might at long last be, proceeds, and we are left to ponder: have we just neglected to discover the responses to the inquiries that distract us…

or, on the other hand would they be able to not be replied by any stretch of the imagination?

Fortunately for both of us, the world dependably exhibits the following redirection… the following elaborate diversion from the issues that vex.



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