The virgin and the skank.

Tale as old as time.

Everything cool has been demolished, was before we got here; Even sex and relationships. It’s all hopefully protected and advantageous. Homogenized. Trade profiles, bubble your disposition down to some, such as, similarity comparison.

What’s your favorite movie?
Who’s your favorite recording artist?

Then afterward with one simple click, we too can understand our dream of boning somebody precisely like us. Get hitched, conceive over two children. We would all be able to post the pictures on Facebook or Twitter.

No, that’s… That is not for me.

I wanna meet a lady the out-dated formed way, you know, for instance in a bar.


-Give me your hand….
Which one am I?
The virgin and the skank?
-I’ve never met anybody like you previously.
-That’s a really exceptional reply.

If it be your will
If there is a choice
Let the rivers fill
Let the hills rejoice
Let your mercy spill
On all these burning hearts in hell

[youtube id=”FkEYkUxdhcU”]




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