Security In Numbers

There are three million types of creatures living in the tropical rain backwoods, and one of them, the red fire subterranean insect, lives underground, under consistent risk of demolition from streak surges. Nature couldn’t care less. In the event that an animal varieties needs to survive, it needs to demonstrate it should. At the point when the surges come, the fire ants clutch each other, making a living pontoon that can drift until the point when the water subsides. Months, if essential.

So how does an animal categories make sense of something to that effect? Sense? Experimentation? Was there one fire insect who was being cleared away by the surging water… what’s more, taken hold of another insect, just to locate that together they could drift?

Imagine a scenario where you were the person who recognized what should have been finished. in any case, you had no words?

How would you influence the others to get it? How would you call for help?


People are not the most grounded species on the planet. We’re not the speediest, or possibly the most astute.

The one preferred standpoint we have is our capacity to coordinate… to enable each other to out.

We perceive ourselves in each other, and are customized for empathy, for courage, for adoration.

Furthermore, those things make us more grounded, quicker… also, more brilliant.

It’s the reason we’ve survived. It’s the reason we even need to.



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