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Lost & Found

89 degrees, 15 minutes and 50.8 seconds. That is the present position of Polaris. The Northern Star. Seen from another planet, it’s only one among many. In any case, on Earth, it’s exceptionally essential. Settled set up, a stay. Regardless of where you are in the northern half of the globe, in the event that you confront Polaris, you confront North. You know where you are.

In any case, there are different approaches to get lost. In the decisions we make. In occasions that overpower us. Indeed, even inside our own personalities. What can be a grapple at that point? What reference point would we be able to swing to… to manage us from haziness to light?

Imagine a scenario in which it’s other individuals. The lives that touch our own, in ways of all shapes and sizes?

Since not at all like Polaris… the light that they bring… will never blur.



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