The explorer (extract) – Letter to a friend

My dear companion,

        I trust my letter discovers you well. I wish I’d let you know where I am at this moment, yet I must admit I don’t positively know. I’ve lost myself some place the street and now I’m simply holding up to get myself back. It’s been a long adventure and I feel tired. I think I’ll lay my head down briefly and close my eyes. I don’t recollect the last time I shut my eyes and didn’t see anything. It’s similar to all the lives of the individuals I met are running before me. What’s more they don’t have a clue about all I need is a minute of peace. All I need is a minute to recall myself from all the ways that I strolled and recollect who I am. Meeting an excess of individuals. An excess of stories. An excess of predeterminations. I appear to have overlooked my own. I took in a ton of things in this voyage. I discovered that individuals don’t know how to pardon themselves. I discovered that individuals are battling fights that are not their simply in light of the fact that they are perplexed about change. I discovered that individuals get trapped in the past due to their apprehensions. I discovered that individuals are hesitant to love on the grounds that they may get harm. I discovered that individuals are hesitant to grin in light of the fact that they overlooked how to do it. I discovered that being mean has turned into a general state of psyche. Also being great is a sickness. I discovered that I’m just human, all things considered…

While going around I uncovered that magnificence is not what is appeared to be. That vanity and shallowness have gotten to be something to be pleased with. That researching somebody’s eyes and colloquialism that you love them has turned into a forbidden. That trusts and dreams are, no doubt smashed consistently inside the hurry of surviving. That minutes are passing us by on the grounds that we’re perplexed. We’re simply perplexed…

Numerous individuals. Numerous stories. Numerous covers. All running towards beliefs that are not their own. All fleeing from something that they don’t have a clue. We’re running. We’re battling. We’re shouting inside with smashed voices on the grounds that no one’s there to hear us. We’re hollering during the evening, concealing ourselves from the swarm on the grounds that the planets is not for the frail ones. We conceal our vulnerabilities attempting to imagine we’re immortals. We conceal our emotions attempting to imagine that we’re made of steel and nothing can touch us. We’re concealing ourselves underneath dividers and extensions and stones in light of the fact that we’re perplexed somebody may harm us. We’re fleeing in the wrong course in light of the fact that we overlooked what the right one is. What’s more the greater part of this to fill the crevices in our personalities. In our souls in our souls. We’re anxious. We’re reluctant to perceive how dejected and misconstrued we feel. We’re hesitant to perceive how we wait for a touch. For a kiss. Also the sunshine is our best shield. We feel powerful amid the daytime. Anyway when the night comes, we end up alone in bunk feeling that all we need, all things considered, is somebody to hold us in their arms, somebody to keep us warm. Somebody to kiss us goodbye.

I feel tired today… I’ll go to bed…



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