Dusting off the Archives

Dusting off the Archives

The poem I posted yesterday was written over a year ago, as a matter of fact, I’ve haven’t written anything since then.  I guess I haven’t had much inspiration or maybe I’m just happy more often.  However, since I’ve opened up that file, I guess I will go ahead and post some more of my poetry.  (actually, this is a cop out, since I don’t have much else to say)

Where tears come from

My tears come from a place I cannot reach.

I cannot touch the sadness deep inside.


The place my sadness lives is loneliness.

My tears well up from it’s dark depths.


Alone, my arms can’t hold me.

Alone, my tears can’t kiss the tears away.


Sometimes the loneliness envelops me.

The coldness and darkness engulfs me.


I reach out into the emptiness to find nothing.

I reach out hoping to find something.


Alone, I’ve not found happiness.

Alone, I can’t touch the joy I long for.


I desperately want to be needed

I need desperately to be wanted.


I want so much to make someone happy

And in their happiness, find my own.


Alone, I continue to cling to the hope that

Alone, is not a forever thing for me.

Wednesday June 21, 2006 – 06:06pm (EDT) Self-absorbed Poetry

I’ve decided to share some of my poetry with y’all.  Read at your own risk!   …and by the way, the pic of the clouds is for my friend Jeigh


A Fear of My Own

There is fear inside of all of us

There is fear inside of me

A fear of never finding

A love that’s meant to be


It’s fear that drives me everyday

It’s fear that holds me back

I yearn to live in color

But fear turns all things black


I live with fear inside each day

At night I shed some tears

I fear that love will pass me by

And I’ll live alone for years


And yet my poor misguided heart

Holds out hope in spite of fear

Hope of someday finding

A love that holds me dear


Because when fear is faced alone

It will win out every time

But join two hearts together

And it’s not that tough a climb


There’s love inside of all of us

There’s love inside of me

A love that screams out every day

There’s love that’s meant to be

Tuesday June 20, 2006 – 06:20pm (EDT)



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