CCSIR at "Digital Security Challenges in Europe" Organized by ENISA, Brussels

A week ago of April 2014 made the open door for Cyber Security Research Center from Romania – CCSIR to meet imperative agents of European groups. They have encounter and ability to convey CTF rivalries at European level. The workshop was sorted out by ENISA and DG CONNECT in Brussels under the brand Cyber Security Challenges in Europe.

The members of the workshop have talked about the existent digital tests rivalries and their future, alongside the issues they distinguished throughout the occasions.

Destinations of the workshop:

  • To present each one current illustration;
  • To brief, examine and offer thoughts on an European level methodology towards challenges;
  • Make cooperative energies and bail one another in connecting with stakeholders;
  • Organizing between groups.

Defcamp Capture The Flag

Andrei Avădănei, President of CCSIR talked about Defcamp CTF (DCTF), the most troublesome rivalry from Romania that is generally centered around making a worldwide rivalry for CTF aficionados. He distinguished a few issues in most recent 4 years of DCTF. Drapeaux européens devant le Berlaymont

  • CTF is an amusement generally for junior security enthusiastic
  • Absence of open and private areas financing open Ctfs
  • Building tests both reasonable and specialized stimulative
  • The methodology – Red vs Blue Teams, Categories Based, Hack the Machine, App2own, Cyber Attack Scenarios and so forth.
  • Security Departments from private area think little of the quality of pushing their groups into rivalry (close entryway or open).

At the end of his mediation, Andrei proposed a few answers for those issues and, obviously, for a future European CTF rivalry. CCSIR positively has confidence in the force of Capture The Flag rivalry to develop and keep to date digital security masters in Europe and different countries.



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