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Data security, now and again abbreviated to Infosec, is the act of guarding data from unapproved access, use, revelation, disturbance, alteration, scrutiny, investigation, recording or annihilation. It is a general term that can be utilized paying little respect to the structure the information may take (electronic, physical, and so on.)

Twitter Got Hacked

The last week of tech headlines reads like some sort of cybersecurity end-of-days scenario. The New York Times hacked. The Wall Street Journal hacked. The Washington Post hacked. And finally on Friday, Twitter — one of the world’s largest Internet communication services — also hacked. “Who’s next?” you may be thinking. But the question to ask isn’t “Who’s next?” The question is, “Who will admit… Read more →

Cum poţi fi urmărit prin telefonul mobil

Telefonul mobil este una dintre cele mai importante invenţii şi este aproape imposibil să-ţi închipui viaţa fără el. Telefonul mobil a rezolvat atât de multe probleme, a uşurat viaţa atât de mult, afacerile sunt mai uşor de încheiat încât este uşor să uiţi de partea întunecată a telefonului mobil. Şi aici nu este vorba despre radiaţile mobilului.   Telefonul mobil este… Read more →

Facebook unveils social search tools for users

  Facebook has announced a major addition to its social network – a smart search engine it has called graph search. The feature allows users to make “natural” searches of content shared by their friends. Search terms could include phrases such as “friends who like Star Wars and Harry Potter”. Founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg insisted it was not… Read more →

A hacker who has learned what to make, and not just how to make, is extraordinarily powerful.

A hacker who has learned what to make, and not just how to make, is extraordinarily powerful.   Paul Graham   În timpul liceului mi-a plăcut foarte tare să particip la InfoEducaţie. (Pentru cine nu ştie, la InfoEducaţie vin elevi de liceu din toată ţara să-şi prezinte proiectele software personale – în general aplicaţii web, software utilitar sau educaţional.) Mi… Read more →