Buddy Responds To His Own ‘Needed’ Post On Facebook, Hilarity Ensues

Police divisions have been utilising facebook to discover (and cook) crooks for really lengthy time-frame, anyway we are making a wagered the Richland WA Police office had no clue that they had be creating viral substance this past Wednesday. They posted one of their standard thing ‘Needed Wednesday’ posts, much to their dismay that the speculate himself would answer.

Anthony Akers, is/was needed for “Inability To Comply”. At a certain point he seen the ‘Needed Wednesday’ post about him and he volunteered answer. He instructed them to “Quiet down, Im going to hand myself over” (sic). After that is the point at which all the fun began to unfurl before everyones eyes. After a couple hilarious and talkative posts, alongside an unfulfilled guarantee. Akers did in truth at last hand himself over, yet not before posting a photograph of the procedure.

Ideally he approaches facebook in prison, so we can see some a greater amount of his little jokes.



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