The Road Not Taken

We can’t resist the urge to consider how much contrast one individual makes on the planet. We peer inside ourselves, addressing on the off chance that we have the limit with regards to bravery and enormity.

However, in all actuality, each time we make a move, we have an effect. Each and every thing we do affects the general population around us. Each decision we make sends swells out into the world. Our littlest demonstrations of benevolence can cause a chain response of unexpected advantages for individuals we’ve never met.

We won’t not witness those outcomes, but rather they happen all the same.


The point where all things were conceivable. The minute when a decision was made, or a move made. The breath breathed in before an initial step forward. Furthermore, the most enduring chain responses that are begun by those minutes and activities and decisions… are dependably the ones that are begun by affection.

Rodna Mountains, Romania



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