Symmetry is the dialect of the universe. It is composed in scientific dialect, and the letters are triangles, circles, and other geometrical figures, without which it is humanly difficult to fathom a solitary word.   Yet, a few of us can talk it. We see the exact examples, the tessellations. Those geometric shapes… turned and reflected… vastly rehashed. Furthermore, when… Read more →

Not Everything That Counts Can Be Counted

Albert Einstein once wrote on a blackboard: “Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.” … As Cameron once said, “… not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted”. Albert Einstein? William Bruce Cameron? Hilliard Jason? Stephen Ross? Lord Platt? George Pickering? Money is not the… Read more →

Category Theory

Now to speak my own language: I’m \partial_{n+1} is the group consisting of all the n-dimensional chains that are boundaries of (collections of) higher-dimensional cells. Ker \partial_n consists of all the n-dimensional chains whose boundaries are empty. Since the boundary of a boundary is always empty, everything in Im is in Ker. But not everything in Ker is in Im:… Read more →

Music Of The Spheres

The chromatic scale comprises of 12 tones. Orchestrated in time and arrangement, these 12 straightforward tones make a limitless assortment of music. Congruity and cacophony, strain and determination. All can be portrayed by the numerical proportions between tones. In the event that we could make an interpretation of all proportions into sound, we could hear the Music of the Spheres;… Read more →

Zone Of Exclusion

They say that the most brief way between two focuses is a straight line. However, what happens if that way gets blocked? At the point when dregs obstructs the stream of a waterway, it diverts… zigging and zagging as opposed to following a straight course. What looks to the crow like winding, is to the water the most effective course… Read more →

Maybe it’s coincidence

Numbers are steady. Until the point when they’re most certainly not. Our powerlessness to impact result is the considerable equalizer. Makes the world reasonable. Computers produce irregular numbers trying to gather significance out of likelihood. Perpetual numerical groupings, without any example. Amid calamitous worldwide occasions… tidal wave, seismic tremor, the assaults on 9/11… these irregular numbers all of a sudden… Read more →

Sangele din tricolor

“Am vazut singuratatea in ochii unui om flamand. Uitat pe strazi plin de praf si batut de vant. Am simtit frig si teama cand Mi-am dat seama ce inseamna lipsa dragostei de mama, plang. Ca stiu copii ce doar la pozele din rama rad. Fiindca pe unii ii desparte o vama, pe altii un mormant. Am crezut ca sunt sanse… Read more →

Lost & Found

89 degrees, 15 minutes and 50.8 seconds. That is the present position of Polaris. The Northern Star. Seen from another planet, it’s only one among many. In any case, on Earth, it’s exceptionally essential. Settled set up, a stay. Regardless of where you are in the northern half of the globe, in the event that you confront Polaris, you confront… Read more →


490,000 children will be conceived today. Every one of them one of a kind. Furthermore, every last one of them a connection in the more prominent human chain. What’s more, the minute their umbilical rope is separated… they will end up being a person with their own particular expectations, dreams and wants. Be that as it may, truth be told,… Read more →