Mobile working as a lifestyle

You’ve heard it before: More people spend more time working away from their desk, thanks to mobile communications. And so I find myself writing this blog in an almost empty café, since this happens to be the most quiet place around – our office landscape tends to get rather busy at times. It might appear I’m not working, but in fact working in this environment accompanied by soft background music makes me more efficient. And eventually, that’s what my employer wants, isn’t it?

So, will companies become more efficient and more profitable if employees are encouraged to telework from anywhere? At least Australia thinks so…. In fact, the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy on announcing their – very innovative and progressive!

Telework Week last year said:

“An increase in telework can lead to benefits across the economy and community, from big business through to individual workers and families as well as the environment.

These benefits include cost-savings and productivity gains, increased workforce flexibility, expanded supply of skilled labour, reduced impact on the environment, reduced stress from traffic congestion and increased time available to spend with family and the community.”

So it’s time for companies to take this seriously and to evaluate teleworking as an opportunity. Naturally, it will depend on the type of industry and on the type of job. For some teleworking will be more relevant, while for some the face-to-face contact is a key part of the job or the service provided. Either way, I do believe companies need to take new mobile habits, and thereby the expectations of their employees, seriously from now on for the benefit of their business.

And for what it’s worth, the coffee was lovely.



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