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Author: Crazzy

I See Dead People


Mi-au tăiat calea nişte copilaşi, săltăreţi şi ţipători, mi-au aruncat o privire jucăuşă şi îndată m-au înconjurat de baloane de săpun. Curcubeul răsfirat şi fin mi-a atins uşor pielea, făcându-mă să tremur, iar ochii mi-au zâmbit sclipind în clăbucii fermecaţi. A înţepenit un pic timpul, auzeam propriul glas în depărtare, chemându-mă cu jind. M-am apropiat de unul din copii şi… Read more →


There are unbounded approaches to convey. Some superior to others. Signs, signs, designs, numerical in plan. Surrounding us. You simply need to know how to see them. How we read these inconspicuous signals, decides the course of our lives. Dialect is viewed as a definitive type of correspondence, intended to advance our association with each other. Today, the normal individual… Read more →

Battle Or Flight

There are couple of things on the planet more startling than the future extending in front of you, mysterious and concealed. In any case, now and again the most terrifying future is the one you do know. The destiny you see coming… what’s more, can’t get away. Conclusion There’s nothing more alarming than what’s to come. Also, nothing more inescapable.… Read more →

Two Of A Kind

We are the authors of our own destinies, the pioneers of our lives. And yet, our world is made of patterns. Eternal truths that appear and repeat, over and over, across the millennia. For it’s only by standing on the shoulders of the past that we can truly gaze into the future. Read more →

Science Explains Why Intelligent People Need To Be Alone

Another investigation has recently uncovered an amazing truth. As opposed to mainstream thinking, socialization isn’t generally bravo. This is particularly valid in the event that you are better than expected insight. In the event that you live in a major city, you invest more energy with individuals. In any case, the British Journal of Psychology conjectures that individuals in metro… Read more →


Physicists will reveal to you that time does not exist, that it is a human develop used to arrange understanding and index presence, so we can measure it, affirm it, recall it. Einstein did not have confidence in time. He had confidence in immortality; that all of time existed on the double: past, present, future. He didn’t recognize the idea… Read more →


Bodies at rest stay at rest, and bodies in motion stay in motion, unless acted on by an outside force. People, like objects, become set in their paths, embedded in a constrained reality. As we travel our path, the possible futures, which were once infinite, collapse down to one. One outcome, unchangeable, escapable. We’re each on a path, and sometimes… Read more →


An Arctic tempest moving southward can all of a sudden collide with a tropical sea tempest that is driving North, and when these impacts of climate frameworks happen, it makes the tempest detonate. The entirety of the dangerous vitality is far more noteworthy than what any of them would have been had they stayed without anyone else, making what meteorologists… Read more →